Financial consulting

We will help to form an effective management system of your company.

Proper management and rational use of available resources will help avoid financial problems. Financial management is not an easy task and often requires expert advice.

The specialists of the Consulting audit will analyze the data of financial statements, present an expert opinion on the state of the company's financial management, identify problems and develop recommendations for their solution.

Business planning and investment analysis include:

  • business plans development and evaluation;
  • assessment of investment projects attractiveness;
  • development of investment programs projects.

Financial analysis and audit:

  • calculation of key indicators;
  • analysis of the dynamics of changes in these indicators;
  • identification of trends and main factors of changes in these indicators.

Assessment of the company financial and economic condition:

  • calculation of company indicators;
  • financial and property status (capital structure, profitability, indicators of assets and equity, structure of proceeds and expenses, etc.).

Comprehensive financial and economic analysis:

  • analysis of the financial condition of capital;
  • analysis of the company financial stability and solvency;
  • analysis of the fixed assets, material and labor resources use;
  • cash flow;
  • use of the assets and the organization's activities results;
  • express analysis of economic activities;
  • development of individual techniques.

Cash flow analysis:

  • analysis of the company financial stability;
  • analysis of the cash flow statement;
  • assessment of long-term solvency;
  • cash flow forecast for the near future.

Asset analysis:

  • analysis of the company structure;
  • dynamics and efficiency of using the company's assets.

Analysis of the company's liquidity:

  • assessment of the company's ability to pay its current liabilities;
  • assessment of the company quick liquidity and asset turnover;
  • calculation of working capital.

Analysis of the capital structure and solvency:

  • allows you to assess the company's ability to timely meet creditor's claims;
  • analysis of changes in the capital structure;
  • calculation of long-term solvency ratios.

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